The Course

The BA (Hons) degree in Prop making and SFX course consists of 15 units over 3 years.

1st Year

This year is focused on skills training. In the first semester you will be introduced to wood and metal work, including lathing and MIG welding to establish good workshop practices. This is followed by sculpture training in water and oil based clays. This is then followed by mould making that explores silicone, fibreglass, plaster, polyurethane and epoxy resins. After this you will explore the process of prop design and making and collaboration working alongside 2nd years on internal and external commissions. The year ends with an exploration of model making and basic mechanical effects. Collectively this year gives you a toolkit of skills and the  understanding to function in a making workshop.

2nd Year

This year is explorative and experimental. You will start the year by developing skills in foam crafting and fabric work through the exploration of puppets and prop costume elements. Alongside this you will work collectively with other students to develop your understanding of other connected disciplines such as costume and performance. This sets you up for the main unit of the year where you get to project manage in groups, prop making on live internal productions and external commissions. Every year is a different set of challenges and outcomes to ensure you get to learn to manage making as well as produce work. The year ends with work experiences to help you get a clear understanding of what is happening in industry and to find where you fit within it.

3rd Year

This year is about professionalising your work and attitudes towards prop making. This is done through the collective creation of work opportunities and exploring entrepreneurial activities to develop your confidence, skills and portfolio. You will follow this with work of your own design that showcases your interests, skills and abilities as a maker. Once this is complete you get to curate and showcase your work in the end of year exhibitions. 

Materials are supplied for all taught sessions throughout the course. Clients and in house productions supply budgets for materials in the collaborative projects. The only Module where you may need to fund materials is independent practice in the third year, as the project you decide could need materials outside of the usual basics available.