About us

We are a course that has come from a background focused in theatre, but as the careers of prop makers have evolved, so have we, into a vibrant, exciting course that looks at the modern prop maker as a flexible designer/maker for the whole entertainment industry.

This will ensure that you are prepared for the current working environment as a designer/maker for Film, TV, exhibition, event, theatre, visual merchandising and display industries.

We are based in Worthing, near Brighton within easy reach of Major regional and city theatres. London and the Film industry are just up the road, and many top end professionals call this area of the country home, due to its convenient location near the capital.

The beach is 5 minutes away and the Southdowns national park is 5 minute the other way.

Northbrook college is part of the Outstanding Chichester College  Group and has a thriving community that explores all areas of the arts in Further and Higher education, which creates a motivating and inspiring environment.

All staff that teach and support the course have worked in the entertainment industry and many continue to do so. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep up to date with technology and modern methods and this comes from the passion for designing and making.

Find us on UCAS 

Check out our instagram page for regular updates! – https://www.instagram.com/met.propsuk/

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