Industry placements in the last year

It has been a busy year for the course with a wide range of industry placements and commisions. here are just a few:

Leavesdon film studios– Warner Bros “All you need is kill” starring Tom Cruise. 5 students worked on exoskeleton suits for the film. due out in 2014

Elstree film studios– “Last days of Mars”10 students for 2 week placements each working on a lunar rover for the film

Robert Alsop and associates various prop work

Ariel theatre company, Beauty and the Beast

Plunge productions various prop work

Shoreham and Southwick Rotary club– Reindeer Sculpt for Santa sleigh

Dream Think Speak. “In the Beginning was the end”  a site specific experience at Somerset House

Armchair armoury- armour construction

2K Games- Borderlands. Model of Clap Trap that is now in the Foyer of the head office

Clap trap

Model making for Oscar nominated animated short “Head over Heels”

Olympics/Paralympics opening and closing ceremony

Royal opera house prop shop

National Theatre- prop maker for “Warhorse”

Horsham District Council- Paralympic celebration 

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